What is DietPi?

More than just a minimal image.

At its core, DietPi is the goto image for your needs. Whether you are after a maximum performance minimal image, or, you want an optimized BitTorrent server with Ownlcloud running Kodi. DietPi can do it all.

All the DietPi images come pre-optimized with features like automatic filesystem expansion | "DietPi-Ramlog" (/var/log to ram) | Minimal CPU/Memory footprint and low process count to ensure you get the max performance from your device.



Popular software, optimized

DietPi-Software allows for popular, optional software installations. All of which are pre-configured and "ready to run".

If you are a beginner, or expert, simply select the software you require and DietPi-Software will do all the installation, optimisations and configurations for you. Allowing you to get the maximum performance from your device.



Feature-rich config tool for your device.

DietPi-Config allows you to easily and quickly change various hardware and software settings for your device. A tweakers delight, allowing you to customise the system your way.

Overclock | CPU governors | Screen resolutions | Connect Wifi | and more.


DietPi - features overview

Why DietPi is more than just a minimal image.


Quickly and easily install popular software thats "Ready to run" and optimized for your system.


Customise your device's hardware and software, your way.


Quickly and easily backup or restore your DietPi system.


Allows you to sync/duplicate one directory to another.

DietPi-Process tool

Control which installed software has higher or lower priority levels (nice, affinity, policy scheduler).

Logging System Choices

You decide how much logging you need. Get a performance boost with DietPi-Ramlog, or, rsyslog and logrotate for log critical servers.

File Server Choices

Easily access and share the files on your device. Proftpd for minimal CPU usage, or, Samba for a feature rich network fileserver.

DietPi-Update System

DietPi automatically checks for updates and informs you when they are available. Update instantly, without having to write a new image.

Wifi Support

Unlike most minimal images, DietPi fully supports wifi and allows for easy connections with DietPi-Config.


Give your single-board computer lightweight justice.

username = root

password = dietpi


Everything you need to start and share your DietPi experience.


DietPi is a free product and relies solely on your donations for funding.