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Post by hatahata »

hi all .
i have a pine64+ and install dietpi .
it runs well and i watch youtube very smoothly and sound comes from TV .

my install memo is the folowings
A) dietpi-config
advanced option ---> swap : 1024M

B) dietpi-software
     ---> Software optimized
     ---> lxde chromium
     ---> desktop
---> install

C) adduser pi
cat .xinitrc -> startlxde

D) /etc/default/keyboard

E) dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
dpkg-reconfigure locales
do not get rid of en_GB.UTF-8

F) apt-get install aptitude

G) japanese
aptitude install fonts-takao-gothic
aptitude install scim-anthy im-config zenity

H) aptitude install slim
nano /etc/slim.conf

youtube is very smooth : sea --->

thanks :lol:
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Re: pine64+

Post by Fourdee »

hatahata wrote: youtube is very smooth : sea --->

thanks :lol:
Smooth as slik, thanks for sharing :)
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