Can't Install - Locks Up, No Video or SSH

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Can't Install - Locks Up, No Video or SSH

Post by qlbolo »

I have an Odroid N2. It works fine on Armbian, but I wanted to try DietPi as it has some enhancements. However, I can't get the current version to install. I am using the latest install file from this site: "DietPi_OdroidN2-ARMv8-Buster.img".

I can get to the login screen, but if I enter my login info slowly, it will lock up and stop outputting video.
If I am quick with the login info, I can get to the software install window, but it usually locks up within 5 minutes, and I have to power cycle.

I tried using multiple microsd cards to see if it is a bad card, but I get the same result with 3 different microsd cards.

I burned the image with BalenaEtcher and followed the install guide:

Do I have a bad Odroid, or have others had this problem? Is there any way to use DietPi with my device?

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Re: Can't Install - Locks Up, No Video or SSH

Post by Joulinar »

if you are fast enough, you could look for kernel error messages.

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dmesg -l err,crit,alert,emerg
any idea?
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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Re: Can't Install - Locks Up, No Video or SSH

Post by MichaIng »

Would be interesting to know whether the pre-image works fine: ... -N2.img.xz
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