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owncloud hdd moving files

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 12:09 am
by LightningStrike
I have a problem with my owncloud db. I dont know how to move the directory from the microSD card to a external hdd.
my linux knowledge is pretty basic and i dont know how to use the right commands. Can someone please help me?
Very thanks from some help.

btw. i need to add a trust domain to my list of trusted domains to acess with noip. can someone please help me with this too?

Re: owncloud hdd moving files

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:36 am
by Joulinar

there is an option in dietpi-drive_manager to transfer DietPi user data to the external hdd.

Or if it is a fresh install and owncloud is not yet setup, you could specify owncloud data directory inside /boot/dietpi.txt

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# ownCloud/Nextcloud
# - Optional username for admin account, the default is 'admin', applied during install
# - Optional data directory, default is "/mnt/dietpi_userdata/owncloud_data" respectively "/mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data", applied during install
#       NB: This option is for advanced users. For full compatibility, please keep this options defaults, and, use dietpi-drive_manager to move the DietPi user data location.

Re: owncloud hdd moving files

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 2:41 pm
by MichaIng
Trusted domains is disabled by default, so it should work OOTB with any public domain. But I recommend to enable it:

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ncc config:system:set trusted_domains 1
You can also manually check/add domains in /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php. The first entry should be "localhost", required for CLI access, the second should be "*", the wildcard which allows any domain. With the command above, the wildcard (index 1) is overwritten with your actual public domain.

Re: owncloud hdd moving files

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 3:39 pm
by Joulinar
it's owncloud not nextcloud but commands and file location are similar

occ instead of ncc

and /var/www/owncloud 8)