alsa and snd_usb_audio configuration Topic is solved

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Re: alsa and snd_usb_audio configuration

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Yes it is accepted it with the speaker set, but when i put the new settings on asound.conf it rollback to the defaults one. Maybe it can be a driver limitation? The weird thing thing is that on after reboot the driver starts at 2048 period_size and the then goes to 4096. Weird.

I have to edit here. It is fixed by putting only the buffer size and not the period size. It is now stable at 2048 period_size. Thank you very much for the help.
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Re: alsa and snd_usb_audio configuration

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Great that it works like that and thanks for providing the solution. Good to keep in mind when this question arises again or someone wants to add an option to our scripts :).
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