DietPi for VMware (Virtual Machine)

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DietPi for VMware (Virtual Machine)

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This thread is deprecated, please refer to our new documentation page:

DietPi for VMware:
All the great features of DietPi, wrapped up into a lightweight Virtual Machine:
DietPi for VMware allows you to instantly create an optimized and powerful DietPi system. Useful when single-board computers are simply not enough.
Username = root
Password = dietpi
Distro = Debian/Stretch
Architecture = 64bit
Disk = SCSI 8 GiB (not preallocated, can be expanded)
CPU Cores = 1 (can be changed)
RAM = 1 GiB (can be changed)
VMware Logs = Disabled (reduces SSD writes)

Download DietPi virtual machine image:

Complete list of optional, optimized and "ready to run" software.

Install and Setup VMware Player (Windows users):
Download and install VMware Workstation 12 Player:
This will allow you to run the DietPi VMware image on your system. ... layer/12_0

Extract the DietPi VMware image:
You can extract the DietPi VMware files anywhere on your system. Ideally, keep it in a folder called DietPi_VM_1.

Optional: Change CPU core count and available RAM:
Before running the VM, it would be wise to tweak these values for your host system. Simply open DietPi_vxxx_VmWare-x86_64-(Jessie).vmx in a text editor and modify the following values:
  • numvcpus = "4"
  • memsize = "1024"
Run the DietPi VMware Virtual Machine:
Simply double click the DietPi_WMware-x86_64-Buster.vmx file to launch the virtual machine. If you have less RAM or CPU cores than required, you will receive a prompt which will allow you to change those settings.

Username = root
Password = dietpi

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