Would you recommend NordVPN?

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Would you recommend NordVPN?

Post by AJRobson »

I'm currently with IPVanish but my subscription runs out next month and NordVPN currently have an easter sale where I can get two years for £65.86 + a gift which will either be 1 month or 1 year added to it.

I'm tempted to go with Nord because of DietPi-NordVPN it seems a lot easier to configure that than to set it up via OpenVPN.

I use my Dietpi instance for Plex, transmissions, Sonarr and Pi-Hole.

Would you recommend NordVPN for the price, quality and have you had any issues using it with DietPI?
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Re: Would you recommend NordVPN?

Post by trendy »

NordVPN is quite reputable.
I am happy with ProtonVPN, so I can recommend it.
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Re: Would you recommend NordVPN?

Post by Masterchief86 »

Is nord your only option? HAve you ever tried it before? They do offer a trial, so if you are confused and haven't tested it yet, you can give it a try. Plus, I think they also offer total refund so that's still worth a go. I have used every major VPN in the market from Nord to IPVanish to express to Ivacy to others and apart from the way their apps look, I guess most of them work just fine with a couple of hiccups on a bad day.
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