Switching audio between usb DAC and hdmi

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Switching audio between usb DAC and hdmi

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I've received my brand new RP4, and installed Dietpi right away on it.
(What a wonderfull easy to use distribution, thanks to all people working on it !)

What i want to do with it :
- Audiophile upnp renderer to usb DAC to hifi system
- Steamlink box to play game on my tv using tv's build in speakers

So right now here i am :

- Upnp Renderer : OK done, got gmediarender running, USB DAC (Topping D50S) selected, everything goes fine, work like a charm.
For those interested, i have a Synology NAS with his basic Multimedia server for DLNA, BubbleUpnp Server to provide Openhome compatibility and Linn Kazoo setup on a android phone to control everything. Easy to set up.

- I have installed LXDE, Tightvnc server, Steamlink ok.
Now, when i plug my hdmi cable to tv, i dont have any image.
My config is :
vc4-fkms-v3d-pi4 : OpenGL | 1920 x 1080
GPU / RAM Memory split : 512
Even after reboot, i have no image on tv.
Well, i'm gonna dig on google to find that solution, it's not my main question.

My question is, how can i easly switch between USB DAC to HDMI (video and audio) when i want listen music on my hifi system or play on tv with tv speakers ?

Do i have to go to dietpi-config > Audio option > Sound card and change it manually every time ? Or could there be a easiet way ?

Thanks =)
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