Reuse Bitwarden self signed certificate & pihole domain (http://pi.hole)

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Reuse Bitwarden self signed certificate & pihole domain (http://pi.hole)

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In my dietpi machine I have these software installed Home assistant, pihole, plex, proftpd, dropbearSSH & bitwarden. While we are installing bitwarden system made self-signed certificate to secure the connection. Is there any way we can reuse same certificate & secure other installed web based applications also ( “Home assistant, pihole, plex”) . I know within LAN HTTP or HTTPS not making any difference. But I already have all ingredient then why not cook the procedure to use them. I know this is area where reverse proxy, cady, swag or negix are expert. But I will thankful to anybody if somebody make easy guideline/steps for dietpi installation. I do not want Let Encrypt certificate I just want reuse self-signed certificate.

also i have domain url of my machine due to pihole (http://pi.hole). so my main target is discard all web request to machine. only allowed entry point to machine
https://pi.hole > Pihole
https://pi.hole:32400 > plex
https://pi.hole:8001 > bitwarden
https://pi.hole:8123 > home assistant

all http request convert to https requests and all local ipaddress of machine discarded (192.168.1.XX) only way allowed https://pi.hole
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Re: Reuse Bitwarden self signed certificate & pihole domain (http://pi.hole)

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best to my knowledge, Bitwarden certificate is issued for the host name of your SBC. Means you would need to create a new self signed certificate yourself issued for pi.pole. Once done, you can configure web server you are using for PiHole to handle SSL and do revers proxy
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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