Access to Nextcloud using WebDAV

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Re: Access to Nextcloud using WebDAV

Post by cktechie »

Saw this post and got errors as mentioned above accessing NC on Dietpi / NCP, using the WebDav URL.

Discovered that I had to download and enable the "External User Authentication" to enable WebDav.

After this was able to access via the WebDav app on iPhone and Android (Pixel)
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Re: Access to Nextcloud using WebDAV

Post by MichaIng »

Hmm, this app is not required as long as you don't use (and manually configure) an external authentication server. This app is not to allow external application connecting to the Nextcloud's internal WebDAV server, but to allow users connect to Nextcloud by authenticating against an external WebDAV (or IMAP, SSH, HTTP auth, ...) server:

This means that user passwords are not stored on the Nextcloud server, but you're using accounts on an external service the authenticate against, which can enhance security or simplify user management, when you run such an external service already and if used correctly.

The strongest argument why installing this app can fix NC WebDAV access, is that it is ineffective as long as you don't configure it with, e.g. which external WebDAV server to authenticate against ;).
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