Can't work with btrfs roofs on SdCard. Topic is solved

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Can't work with btrfs roofs on SdCard.

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I apologize right away, I tried to find the right information, but I couldn't.

The essence of the problem. I want to have btrfs rootfs on my RaspberryPi Zero on the SdCard.

By the way, now, everything works fine on btrfs if I use USB Flash (transferred and formatted through dietpi-drivemanager) but I would like exactly on the internal SdCard.

I already tried on my laptop to convert the filesystem format of rootfs SdCard to btrfs (and change /etc/fstab). I have also transferred the system to a USB Flash with btrfs, and after reloading it with dietpi-drivemanager, transferred it back to a SdCard formatted in btrfs. But without success. Did I miss some guidance or does anyone know how to make btrfs on a SdCard rootfs?

Please help me. :?
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Re: Can't work with btrfs roofs on SdCard.

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simply converting "the boot media" over the btrfs formatting won't work...

it needs to create a /boot/initrd.img for the kernel with brtrs support built in, in order to boot, otherwise the original doesn't know how to use BTRFS to boot initially ... n-raspbian
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