screen goes blank with specific actions

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screen goes blank with specific actions

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board: RPi4 4gb rev 1.2
OS: DietPi 5.4.79-v8+
HW: Dell monitor via HDMI (1920x1200), USB keyboard, Logitech wireless mouse, nothing else connected

Under X (XFCE DE), the monitor blanks for a second under the following conditions (100% reproducible):
- I'm in a text editor (Mousepad, Bluefish)
- I type anything
- Either -
- I move the mouse while over the editor
- I click the mouse while over the editor
- the screen blanks for a second

If the mouse is not over the editor after typing, then using the mouse doesn't trigger the blank. However, moving onto the editor triggers it.
Initially moving over, clicking onto, or typing into the editor doesn't trigger it.
So, bringing up a text editor focus _after_ typing into it triggers the blank.

There have been a couple times when the screen went blank and stayed blank, but it was rare. I could switch to one of the terminal consoles, which turned the monitor back on.

- I've never had problems using a text console.
- The monitor works fine with other devices.
- I've tried both HDMI ports
- I've tried other HDMI cables.
- I've tried multiple power supplies.
- I've tried multiple mice wireless mice (I don't have any wired mice)
- I put the mouse wireless dongle on an extension.
- I swapped the mouse/keyboard USB ports.

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