Questions about Qbittorrent

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Questions about Qbittorrent

Post by kstilho »

Hi, thanks for your work.
There is a way to delay the Qbittorrent service by 10 seconds.
I'm using Rclone to map my drive however when the system restarts qbittorrent starts before rclone and it breaks my torrent.
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Re: Questions about Qbittorrent

Post by Joulinar »


many thanks for your request. Basically you would have 2 options
  1. If rclone is executed as a service, make a dependency within Qbittorrent service on it
  2. Add an ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 10 command within Qbittorrent service
As well you could combine both :)
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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