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Re: Argon One Case Fan

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@barukh your suggestion worked for me as well after first attempt gave errors .Thanks! I used the dietpi-cleaner (select in the launcher) and checked all the boxes and cleaned it up. After that run the Argon install again and scripts finished without errors. I do have to check if the fan comes on, might do a small stress test for that.

But, I'm already happy with this case. Temperature of my Pi was always above 55. Not it started even below 40 degrees. Cool runnings CPU says 8)
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Re: Argon One Case Fan

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I wonder if you needed to install the pre-reqs

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sudo apt install python-setuptools python-pip python-dev gcc python-smbus python3-smbus i2c-tools
Then try and install the script

Very nice find!!!!! Thanks!!!!
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