SSL error on local access (Let's Encrypt)

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SSL error on local access (Let's Encrypt)

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Hi Guys,

i run Dietpi on my Raspi4 with the following Services:

[*]Nextcloud (all @lighttpd)
[*]Wireguard VPN-Server
[*]WakeOnLAN for My NAS (Etherwake - cronjob)
[*]Let's Encrypt for the Webserver

All works fine so far.

But there is actually one problem. If i try to access my PiHole or NExtcloud in my Home Network with the local ip i get an "SSL error" from my AntiVirus-Protection (Kaspersky). I guess because of Let's Encrypt. Netdata works fine i think becouce of the Port 19999 and only HTTP not HTTPS(?).

Any idea where the problem is and how i can solve this?
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Re: SSL error on local access (Let's Encrypt)

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many thanks for your request. Maybe you can share a little bit on your error message.

What is the exact error message? Maybe you can share a screen print.
How do you access your web browser?`What is the exact address you are entering into your browser?
Yes NetData is using it's own web server and not lighttpd!
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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Re: SSL error on local access (Let's Encrypt)

Post by trendy »

It makes sense that if you access the server with a private IP or local fqdn, then the certificate will not seem valid and you'll see this error.
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