Create UEFI USB boot media for x64

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Create UEFI USB boot media for x64

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Hey there,

I'm trying to install the x86_64 UEFI iso on a Beelink with onboard EMMC storage. However, when I try to burn the iso to a USB thumb drive, Etcher running on MacOS gives me an error message, warning of a "Missing portion table". I can't boot from the newly created USB drive since it doesn't seem to be a bootable image.

Any suggestions on how I turn the available DietPI image into a bootable image?

EDIT: For testing purposes I've tried the x64 ISO of OpenMediaVault and there everything works just fine on the very same system. I can just copy the ISO to the USB thumb drive using Etcher on MacOS and boot into the installation routine right away. So it looks like the DietPi ISO is missing the necessary boot partition after all.
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Re: Create UEFI USB boot media for x64

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many thanks for your message. Maybe you can have a look to the following guide. It will describe hot wo setup a Debian mini image and install DietPi on top ... PCs-(UEFI)
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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