Controlling Deluge service

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Controlling Deluge service

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I've installed Deluge using the DietPi-installer, and it's running fine (i.e. starting up after a reboot, visible in htop, can reach the web client et.c.). However, I can not seem to stop it using the 'service deluged stop' (or systemctl stop deluged) command!? (..And neither can I start it using 'start' if I've shut it down from within the web client.)

The only real difference I can see is that the output for 'service --status-all', deluged changes from [+] to [-]..

I can also add that the DietPi-services is able to stop/start Deluge, which happends f. ex. during install of another program.. What command is that using?

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Re: Controlling Deluge service

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Deluge service on DietPi is a custom shell script, so you wont find it in systemD : ... ge.service

The commands are:

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/etc/dietpi/dietpi-software/services/deluge.service start
/etc/dietpi/dietpi-software/services/deluge.service stop
/etc/dietpi/dietpi-software/services/deluge.service restart
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