DietPi VNC Server Headless....head wrecked! Topic is solved

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Re: DietPi VNC Server Headless....head wrecked!

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just another option to play around would be using TigerVNC + xRDP. This will allow to use Windows RPD Client. Looks like it allows Multi-User scenario out of the box. "

Could you elaborate some more on this? I am using Tigervnc now on my dietpi with a pine 64 board under root, so far so good I login under root no problem.
But if I choose to logout the root accoun when disconnecting vnc it completly blocks my access via ssh and destop the next time I try to login?
strange is I can see the desktop when loggin in with tigervnc but no controls whatsoever...... any ideas?

Also the root account gives me "access denied" via ssh session but allows me to setup a vnc session with the same credentials, a lot of words but I hope that makes sense?
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Re: DietPi VNC Server Headless....head wrecked!

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that seems to be a strange issue. Not sure how a VNC Server could influence a SSH session. I installed TigerVNC on my RPi3B+ test system and it's working without issues. I could login/logoff and use SSH.
Pls let us know if a solution is working. This could help others if they hit by similar situation. Your DietPi Team
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