NORD VPN Wireguard Implementation "NordLynx"

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NORD VPN Wireguard Implementation "NordLynx"

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First off, i just wanna say thank you to the diet-pi team, for their amazing contributions! My requiest is it add wireguard to your current Dietpi-NordPVN. Just like how you can use the command ‘nordvpn set technology nordlynx’ to switch to wireguard protocol from openvpn. Thanks!
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Re: NORD VPN Wireguard Implementation "NordLynx"

Post by maxdiamond »

I would also like to thank the DietPi team for building and supporting this awesome platform... thanks everyone!

I agree with Lvsdark that this would be an awesome function. It would be great to use the cool "edit up' and "edit down" script feature (which ensures privacy for other services is the VPN fails), to access the Nordlynx service.

Whether that is using the current NordVPN app or separate one (if OpenVPN and Wireguard can't co-exist)...

Any support on this would be awesome!

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