Current Versions of Packages?

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Current Versions of Packages?

Post by qlander »

Hi there,

Can we get an option to install current versions of packages? I know the DietPi crew mainly focus on stable releases, but can there also be an option to install current versions (dev/beta/'unstable') at the full risk of the owner of the pi?

I have several pi's and I test some packages for load, etc. on rinse&repeat pi setups. Manually setting up new/test packages every time is very time consuming.

I mean, for example, the pi 'stable' version of qbittorrent and deluge is just ridiculous and so out of date is not usable (qbittorrent version is so bad, its dysfunctional - a lot of the issues have been fixed in the latest version, even if not classed as a stable pi release).

I hope this is considered since they'd be benefits for those that want to test newer versions of software on the pi/diet-pi - even have a robust debug/report back to dev feature to gain more support for the platform dietpi runs on.

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Re: Current Versions of Packages?

Post by baz123 »

I think this is a good idea. I had to install rtl_433 recently from the Rasbian testing repo. I found once I had added the repository, I needed to create a

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file so that only that package was updated.

A mechanism to add a repository and set the priority, possibly to also pin a specific package, would be a good addition to DietPi.

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