(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Kodi + BitTorrent Combo

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(Step by Step Guide) DietPi - Kodi + BitTorrent Combo

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DietPi - Kodi + BitTorrent Combo (Step by Step Guide)
Convert your Pi into a full blown media centre (Kodi) and bittorrent server (Transmission).


What you'll need:
- Raspberry Pi 2 / Odroid C1
- 2GB or greater Micro SD card
- USB Harddrive or USB memory stick (to store bittorrent/media files) is highly recommended.

Step 1 :
Complete the following guide to Download the DietPi Image,write to SD card and login.

Step 2 :
DietPi software Selection
- Select the DietPi Optimized Software option, press enter.
- The "DietPi Software Selection Screen" will now appear. Use the space bar to select Kodi and Transmission (BitTorrent server).
- Press Enter to confirm the selected software
- "Would you like to configure the auto boot options for DietPi? " option will appear, Select Yes.
- Select Kodi and press enter.
- Press Esc to return back to DietPi-Software.

Step 3 :
Choose a File Server to access BitTorrent downloads:
You'll need to select a File Server choice from the main menu. This will allow you to access the files on your USB Drive, including the downloads from Transmission.
Please click here for more information on FileServer choices and their details.

Step 4 :
Begin DietPi software installation
- Navigate the Menu to Go Start Install and press Enter.
- Select Go Start Install to confirm the installation.

DietPi will now install Kodi and BitTorrent on your system with pre-made optimization configs for your Pi model. Once completed, the system will reboot and load Kodi.
This process shouldnt take more than 4 minutes on a Pi2.

Access BitTorrent Interface
url =
username = root
password = dietpi
Download Directory = /mnt/dietpi_userdata/downloads

Accessing downloads from BitTorrent
Please select the fileserver choice you made earlier to get their details.
- Samba
- ProFTP
- I didn't select, or, choose a fileserver.

Attach a USB drive:
- Use DietPi-Drive_Manager to configure a drive, and the move user data option to transfer files automatically. DietPi will then use this mounted drive, for DietPi user data and storage.
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