Almost done !

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Re: Almost done !

Post by snoodler »

I did this to /boot/config.txt


Before it will not post and i would have to turn the TV and the input would be black so I would have to manually reset the pi4 , it comes with a switch on the cable .

Now when i turn on the tv i noticed it starts to post as soon as it detects de hdmi. Dont have to manually click on the switch.

Still not working though.
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Re: Almost done !

Post by MichaIng »

Could you please report this to
I have absolutely no idea how the boot process can depend on HDMI monitor. This should never have any influence on power, network or anything else, but probably there is some trigger I am not aware of that RPi devs should then know.

Please uninstall as much programs as you can (e.g. after doing dietpi-backup to easily revert), especially network-related ones. Then boot the Pi and wait for a few minutes, regularly checking whether it is ping-able and SSH connection is possible or not. Then turning on the HDMI monitor to finish startup, connect via SSH and copy&paste the whole journalctl output from boot until the successful SSH login. Hopefully one can then clearly see (according to timestamps) when which boot phase/target is reached, related to HDMI monitor state.
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