With compliments

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With compliments

Post by maarten »

Hi Michael,

Upgrade to v6.25.3 went very smooth and trouble free. Many thanks for the great work!

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Re: With compliments

Post by MichaIng »

Many thanks for your feedback. Yeah v6.25 was much less risky compared to v6.23. PHP7.3 was a big step that coursed a rats tail of issues on ARMv6.

For this I am happy that Raspbian moved to Buster already, so we can ship an RPi Buster image officially soon, after some childhood bugs have been fixed, some firmware and VC4/OpenGL related issues currently. Then PHP7.3 is in the main repo which solves all this potential issues related to Buster packages on Stretch :).
The only downer is that a new image should be flashed if one wants to move to Buster.
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