router image for N-2

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router image for N-2

Post by phaseshifter »

how about a router image for the N-2

turning it into a router using 4x usb to Ethernet adapter cables
having the onboard Ethernet port as the wan input

something gui based if at all possible...

i have not checked but is there a diet-pi image for the N-2
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Re: router image for N-2

Post by MichaIng »

Odroid N2 beta image available:

We will not create pre-installed router images but using e.g. the WiFi Hotspot install options makes the device NAT capable. To allow other peers connecting via multiple Ethernet ports, custom interface setup e.g. via /etc/network/interfaces.d/ drop-in configs is required. At least the required routing table which defines the onboard Ethernet device as default route, is added by WiFi Hotspot setup.

It is a long term task do make dietpi-config more flexible in setting up multiple network adapters, just to note. But might take a while until we find the time to implement this.
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