dietpi-netdata is outdated

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dietpi-netdata is outdated

Post by uga »

I installed dietpi-netdata on my dietpi-raspberry3

While trying to amend configuration I ran into the following issue:

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root@DietPi:/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d# /etc/netdata/edit-config charts.d.conf
File 'charts.d.conf' is not found in '/usr/local/lib/netdata/conf.d'
Searching Netdata's site, this seems to be a known issue, solved a few versions ago.

According to their website, Netdata's current version is 1.14.0

I tried

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apt-get install --only-upgrade netdata
and I got

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netdata is already the newest version (1.11.1-1).
How can I proceed?
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Re: dietpi-netdata is outdated

Post by MichaIng »

The version of the APT (that we install) has been updated to 1.12:
Does this fix the issue? Otherwise isn't it possible to manually edit the configs?

Of course upstream versions are usually newer but as long as there is no strong reason we not not install those, also since this usually requires a custom source build, and leads to other issues that are hard to solve as unexperienced Linux user.
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