Sabnzbd/SLL certificate Topic is solved

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Sabnzbd/SLL certificate

Post by SPI0 »


i cant download with SLL anymore. I get this message in sabnzbd :

"Secure (SSL) connections from SABnzbd to newsservers and HTTPS websites will be encrypted, however, validating a server's identity using its certificates is not possible. Python 2.7.9 or above, OpenSSL 1.0.2 or above and up-to-date local CA certificates are required"

How can i update the CA certificates?

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Re: Sabnzbd/SSL certificate

Post by AndrewZ »

I'm doubtful the problem is with root certificates.
This is what I have on one of the servers:

Code: Select all

ca-certificates                      20161130+nmu1+deb9u1           all          Common CA certificates
and no updates seem to be available.
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Re: Sabnzbd/SLL certificate

Post by MichaIng »

You are on a Stretch system, right? echo $G_DISTRO_NAME

Python should be current enough:

OpenSSL on Stretch is 1.1.0:

ca-certificates should be fine, they were updated in summer 2018: ... tificates/

We updated our SABnzbd installer for v6.23 to use the most current release. You might want to try it with that by applying to the open beta:
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Re: Sabnzbd/SLL certificate

Post by SPI0 »

Thanks! The update works.
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