New user with lot of problems need help please

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New user with lot of problems need help please

Post by razvanrudy » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:13 pm

Hi all as per title I just start using Dietpi and have some problems.
My only previous experience is with OMV and this was for only 3-4 months.
I just build a XU4 and Cloudshell 2 box running the OS on 16GBeMMC , attached 2 x 3TB HDD and run it headless.
The installation was pretty easy and selected for now Emby server , Nextcloud , OpenVpn , Samba , Docker and Cloudshell.
Emby is working well but except that evrything else can't figure out how to sort out.
First and main problem Samba : I moved the user data on one of the HDD , I can acces it on my windows PC but no way that I can see what I allready have on my both HDD. How can I mount the 2 HDD so I can see the data I allready have on them and not only the user data ? Both HDD are mounted and the one without user data is my media HDD ( Emby can see it and play media from it)
Second problem is the Cloudshell not starting after reboot. On boot it shows the booting info and then stops on root login. To start the Cloudshell I have to SSH and manually start the Cloudshell script so I can get the CPU ,HDD,temp and all other info. I can see it on auto start menu ( dieypi-launcher) but no option to change autostart or manual start.
Third problem I don't know how to use docker on Dietpi - on OMV it's integrated on the webpage so is very easy to use but on Dietpi can't find something similar. Is there something else I need to install to get that web like interface?

Sorry for the long post but trying to get everything up and running. I was very happy to see that Dietpi fully supports the Cloudshell display and the XU4 , and this was the main reason I give up on OMV.

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Re: New user with lot of problems need help please

Post by WarHawk » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:01 am

You might have to create a diretory in /mnt/dietpi_userdata, then use fstab to mount the 2nd HDD to that directory so this way dietpi can see/use that directory like it's native to /mnt/dietpi_userdata...unless maybe a link to it would work

The DEV's might be able to a loss really

are there any errors in /var/log for the stuff that isn't starting?

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Re: New user with lot of problems need help please

Post by MichaIng » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:43 pm

Generally /mnt/dietpi_userdata should be moved via dietpi-drive_manager. But from what I understood the issue is accessing the data from Windows?

What file system did you format the drives with? ext4, the default on DietPi (and generally Linux systems) cannot be read by Windows. NTFS work on both, although it has limited permission features on Linux. If you format a drive with NTFS via dietpi-drive_manager, we add it to fstab with some permissions workaround so that you can store userdata there and it should work with our software.

To have the correct fstab entry it is even sufficient just start dietpi-drive_manager unmount and remount the related NTFS drive/partition. So no format is required.

About the login prompt, even that you selected an auto-login option from dietpi-autostart is recognized and we are investigation what causes this. Something with systemd seems to have changed:

By default on DietPi docker is installed headless, so without any UI besides CLI. I did a quick search and there seems to be a web UI that can be installed an runs as a separate docker container. Perhaps this (or something similar) is pre-installed on OMV.
Check: ... ce-docker/
When installed docker via dietpi-software, start from step 3 to install the UI.

Report back if this works well, so we could add it to dietpi-software as an optional/separate install.

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