ODroid XU4 - v6.15 - Network settings not saved on reboot.

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Re: ODroid XU4 - v6.15 - Network settings not saved on reboot.

Post by cyanide »

MichaIng wrote: Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:15 pm Another topic, since I see you guys often use old net-tools commands (ifconfig, route, ...):

This program is obsolete! For replacement check ip addr and ip link. For statistics use ip -s link.
Use ip a s eth0 instead.

Also /usr/sbin/service networking start should only work on Jessie, as they use deprecated (on Debian) init.d service there.
To have this working on Stretch as well (also works on Jessie), use systemctl start networking to handle it in systemd service way.

I would also suggest this running only once at/after boot, as of my command above. If this does not work, then the issue would need further investigation.
Running a cron job every minute is no sustainable solution, since it spams the syslog and takes quite some resources. If the network really breaks repeatedly randomly, there is a more serious issue with either the network or the servers network/system config, that should be fixed instead ;).
old habits, the ifconfig commands. Will make sure to use ip instead. I'll just do a fresh install of Stretch and move over my stuff. Thanks!
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Re: ODroid XU4 - v6.15 - Network settings not saved on reboot.

Post by MichaIng »

old habits, the ifconfig commands
Hehe jep, no issue with that. No other chance to defeat those habits than remind users by times ;).
Also I mentioned it, as some versions ago we removed the net-tools package from all DietPi systems, so scripts using ifconfig will fail, if not manually reinstalled :P.
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Re: ODroid XU4 - v6.15 - Network settings not saved on reboot.

Post by Shanther »

MichaIng wrote: Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:27 pm @Shanther
We have a Debian Stretch image for XU4: https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/Die ... Stretch.7z

Also there is no Pi-hole issue with Jessie any more since Pi-hole v4.0, so this should work in every case.

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sed -i '/[[:blank:]]Workaround_WiFi$/a\\t\tsystemctl start networking' /DietPi/dietpi/boot
This does not work in your case?

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cat /DietPi/dietpi/boot | grep 'systemctl start networking'
Does this show an output?

Using this image now. only issues is that sonar crashes instantly and I can't control how the fan speeds are affected by temperatures...at least I can reboot safely.
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