Need to setup DietPi to do some things

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Need to setup DietPi to do some things

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Hi, I'm doing a clean install of DietPi on my Raspberry Pi 3. I have 2 external HDD (1TB + 200GB for now) and I want to configure it to work with all the following programs:
- Transmission for Torrent
- PLEX media server
- Samba to share files in my home LAN with Windows and macOS computers
- Let's Encrypt to manage a self signed SSL certificate
- Inadyn to autoupdate my DDNS.
- Nextcloud for access all my files through cloud and use auto upload of my photos from my smartphone
In the past I have successfully managed to make all the programs listed above work together, except for Nextcloud.

What need I to do to configure all of them? Is that possible?

Thank you!
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