Disk write permission

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Disk write permission

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I'm not familiar with linux and permission much , i installed DietPi on a Dell PC , I have 2 disks , first one is the system disk SSD and the other is a 2TB for storage

First install everything was working fine except that Plex could see the second HDD , 2TB which has my shows and movies even though it's visible from webmin file manage so i had to reinstall and now it can see the HDD , my problem now is it doesn't have write permission to the disk and i don't know how to fix this , now torrents are downloaded on the SSD and sickrage was supposed to process them and move them to the 2TB so plex can read them but it doesn't wrote to the disk , i'm not sure if this because it's an NTFS disk or a user permission

any help would be appreciated

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Re: Disk write permission

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has the command chmod -R 755 /mnt/mount-device-id here
been run yet?

did you use the dietpi-mount manager command to mount the 2nd drive?
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