Newest update.

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Newest update.

Post by DebianPlebian »

So i logged into my pie via ssh, noticed the red text saying "update" so i did.
It updated my version of dietpi. All is good.

But when i run "dietpi-software" i get errors.
DietPi-Software: Connection test: ... g/raspbian
│ - exit_code = 8
│ - VERSION:v6.5 | HW_MODEL:3 | HW_ARCH:2 | DISTRO:4

│ Log file contents:
│ Spider mode enabled. Check if remote file exists.
│ --2018-03-29 08:25:06-- ... g/raspbian
│ Resolving (,
│ 2001:630:341:12::184
│ Connecting to
│ (||:443... connected.
│ HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
│ Remote file does not exist -- broken link!!!
Never had this problem before, need some help.

INFO: i did add "deb" To my apt sources file and now dietpi-software works.

Just hope that was fine .
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Re: Newest update.

Post by MichaIng »

This is a known issue with the latest raspberrypi-sys-mods update, adjusting sources.list in an uncareful way with the intention for some reason to switch from repos to:
But their method breaks our used mirrordirector as well as if https was used....
Your fix is just fine, or revert to our mirrordirector by replacing the part back to
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