DietPI KODI OrangePI Zero Plus 2 H5

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DietPI KODI OrangePI Zero Plus 2 H5

Post by eralim »

Hello everyone. I am new with DietPi user
I downloaded (ADMIN EDIT: Removed invalid/outdated link) image for OrangePi Zero Plus 2 H5.
I run command from root dietpi-software
I cant find KODI installation
Instead of KODI I can see Plex only
But I need KODI
Is anybody know how to install KODI and run it automatic on boot?
I tried run command
apt-get install kodi
Its installed but after run command kodi to run kodi its not running
The error message is:

root@orangepizeroplus2:~# kodi
ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting
*** Error in `/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/kodi/kodi.bin': double free or corruption (out): 0x0000aaaae78e6de0 ***
Crash report available at /root/kodi_crashlog-20180212_031841.log
Log file attached

I dont know why but on Rasrberry image KODI is part of diet-software and I dont have this issue on Raspberry Pi 3 B
Can somebody help me to run KODI OrangePi Zero Plus 2 H5?
Thank you!
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Re: DietPI KODI OrangePI Zero Plus 2 H5

Post by WarHawk »

Only thing I could find was a thread in a kodi forum that said something about a driver addon or something ... id=2688274, then pointed back directly to the Kodi PPA ... dio_DSP.29

Might also be missing the addon binarys that Kodi needs

Developers might have to get involved
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Re: DietPI KODI OrangePI Zero Plus 2 H5

Post by johnvick »

Kodi is not available for this model - check out dietpi download page :

"NB: GPU features are disabled for this board (eg: Kodi, Desktop). Ideal for server usage."

The Odroid C2 is excellent for Koid - 4k video, 265 hardware decoding - plays everything.

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