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Post by Fourdee » Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:08 pm

What is DietPi-Automation?
DietPi automation allows users to fully automate the whole installation process, and, automatically install optimized software from the DietPi-Software catalog.
Full list of software index's available for install: viewtopic.php?p=9344#p9344

We have also added features like:
  • Pre-configure networking (WiFi/Static IP etc)
  • Download and execute custom script during installation.
  • Auto mounting Samba/FTP client shares
All the automation options are available in the dietpi.txt file on the 1st partition of the DietPi images.

Download image and edit the automation file:
  • Download the latest DietPi image:
  • Write the DietPi image to your SDcard
  • Edit the file /boot/dietpi.txt to your needs
  • When you are finished:
    • Save changes, eject SD card and place into SBC device
    • Power on, watch the magic
Example: Pre-configure for WiFi:
  • Change AUTO_SETUP_NET_WIFI_ENABLED=1 to enable WiFi.
  • Enter your WiFi credentials: in the following file /boot/dietpi-wifi.txt. Use lines containing [0] to add your primary WiFi account. You can add multiple WiFi accounts using [1] to [4].
  • NB: If the above file does not exist, use the older system in dietpi.txt: Change AUTO_SETUP_NET_WIFI_SSID= and AUTO_SETUP_NET_WIFI_KEY= accordingly.
Example: Configure and run a completely automated installation:
  • Change AUTO_SETUP_AUTOMATED=1 to enable automated installation with no user inputs.
  • Find software ID's you want to install, run dietpi-software list
  • Add those entries in, eg: AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=44 will install Transmission.
Automation log:
DietPi-Automation will create a log file, containing details of the process, in the following location:

Code: Select all

If you find our project or support useful, then we’d really appreciate it if you’d consider contributing to the project however you can.
Donating is the easiest – you can use PayPal and Bitcoin.

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Re: DietPi-Automation

Post by Fourdee » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:51 pm

Full list of software indexs:
Use the ID below with AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID= to have it automatically installed during 1st run.

NB: DietPi automatically installs all required pre-reqs for each software title. Therefore, there is no need to manually select pre-req's for install (eg: in the list below, +alsa, will automatically install ALSA)

Code: Select all

AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=0 #openssh client:  |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=1 #samba client: access network shares | dietpi-config > network options: nas/misc
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=2 #curlftpfs: ftp client with filesystem mount | dietpi-config > network options: nas/misc
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=3 #mc: midnight commander, powerful file manager |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=4 #vifm: file manager with vi bindings |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=5 #alsa: linux sound system |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=6 #xserver: linux display system |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=7 #ffmpeg: audio & visual libary |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=8 #java: openjdk 8 + jre libary |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=9 #node.js: javascript runtime |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=10 #iftop: displays bandwidth usage information |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=11 #iptraf: interactive colorful ip lan monitor |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=12 #iperf: internet protocol bandwidth measuring tool |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=13 #mtr-tiny: full screen ncurses traceroute tool |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=14 #nload: realtime console network usage monitor |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=15 #tcpdump: command-line network traffic analyzer |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=16 #build-essentials: common packages for compile |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=17 #git client: git clone etc |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=18 #emacs: gnu emacs editor |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=19 #jed: editor for programmers |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=20 #vim: vi enhanced text editor |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=21 #vim-tiny: compact release of vim |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=22 #quiterss: cross-platform, free rss reader +desktop
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=23 #lxde: ultra lightweight desktop +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=24 #mate: desktop enviroment +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=25 #xfce: lightweight desktop environment +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=26 #gnustep: lightweight based on openstep +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=27 #tightvnc server: desktop for remote connection +desktop disabled for g_hw_model |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=28 #vnc4 server: desktop for remote connection +desktop |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=29 #xrdp: remote desktop protocol (rdp) server +desktop |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=30 #nomachine: multi-platform server and client access +desktop |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=31 #kodi: the media centre for linux +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=32 #ympd: lightweight web interface music player for mpd +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=33 #airsonic: web interface media streaming server +alsa +ffmpeg +oraclejava |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=34 #subsonic 6: web interface media streaming server +alsa +ffmpeg +oraclejava |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=35 #squeezebox: logitech media server (lms) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=36 #squeezelite: audio player for lms & squeezebox +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=37 #shairport sync: airplay audio player with multiroom sync +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=38 #brutefir: eq and digital room correction via alsa +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=39 #readymedia: (minidlna) media streaming server (dlna, upnp) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=40 #ampache: web interface media streaming server +alsa +ffmpeg +git +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=41 #emby server: web interface media streaming server +ffmpeg |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=42 #plex media server: web interface media streaming server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=43 #murmur: mumble voip server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=44 #transmission: bittorrent server with web interface (c) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=45 #deluge: bittorrent server with web interface (python) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=46 #qbittorrent: bittorrent server with web interface (c++) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=47 #owncloud: your very own cloud (eg: dropbox) +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=48 #pydio: feature-rich backup and sync server +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=49 #gogs: personal github server with web interface +git +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=50 #syncthing: backup and sync server with web interface |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=51 #opentyrian: a classic retro game, addictive +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=52 #cuberite: minecraft server with web interface (c++) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=53 #mineos: minecraft servers with web interface (java) +oraclejava +nodejs +buildessential +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=54 #forums: phpbb forums +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=55 #wordpress: website blog and publishing platform +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=56 #image gallery: website to host / browse your images +webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=57 #baikal: lightweight caldav + carddav server +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=58 #openbazaar: decentralized peer to peer bitcoin market +buildessential +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=59 #rpi cam control: web interface & controls for your rpi camera +webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=60 #wifi hotspot: turn your device into a wifi hotspot |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=61 #tor hotspot: optional: route hotspot traffic through tor |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=62 #dietpi-cloudshell: system stats displayed on lcd/panel |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=63 #linuxdash: web interface system stats +webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=64 #phpsysinfo: web interface system stats +webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=65 #netdata: real-time performance monitoring +nodejs |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=66 #rpi-monitor: web interface system stats |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=67 #noip: url website address for your device |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=68 (weaved) access your device over the internet |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=69 #rpi.gpio: gpio interface library for rpi (python) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=70 #wiringpi: gpio interface library (c) +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=71 #webiopi: web interface to control rpi.gpio +buildessential disabled for g_hw_model |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=72 #i2c: enables support for i2c based hardware |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=73 #fail2ban: prevents brute-force attacks with ip ban +rsyslog |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=75 #lasp: apache2  #sqlite  #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=76 #laap: apache2  #mariadb #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=78 #lesp: nginx    #sqlite  #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=79 #leap: nginx    #mariadb #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=81 #llsp: lighttpd #sqlite  #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=82 #llap: lighttpd #mariadb #php |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=83 #apache2: webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=84 #lighttpd: webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=85 #nginx: webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=87 #sqlite: database |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=88 #mariadb: database |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=90 #phpmyadmin: optional mysql admin tools +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=91 #redis: optional non-sql database store |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=92 #certbot: free, ssl cert install allowing https:// |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=93 #pi-hole: block adverts for any device on your network +git +webserver +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=94 #proftp: lightweight ftp server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=95 #vsftpd: alternative ftp server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=96 #samba: feature-rich file server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=97 #openvpn: vpn server +rsyslog |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=98 #haproxy: high performance tcp/http load balancer +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=99 #emonpi: energy usage addon board with web interface |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=100 #pijuice: pisupply ups |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=101 #log rotate: rotates log files |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=102 #rsyslog: system logging |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=103 #dietpi-ramlog: minimal, optimized logging |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=104 #dropbear: ssh server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=105 #openssh server:  |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=106 #ntp: date and time sync |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=107 #rtorrent: bittorrent server with rutorrent web interface +webserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=108 #amiberry: amiga emulator +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=109 #nfs: network file system server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=110 #nfs client: network file system client | dietpi-config > network options: nas/misc
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=111 #urbackup server: full system backup server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=112 #dxx-rebirth: descent 1/2 +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=113 #chromium: web browser for desktop or autostart +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=114 #nextcloud: a safe home for all your data +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=115 #webmin: web interface system management +rsyslog |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=116 #sickrage: automatically download tv shows |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=117 #pivpn: openvpn installer & management tool +rsyslog |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=118 #mopidy: web interface music & radio player +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=119 #cava: optional: console audio vis for mpd +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=120 #realvnc server: desktop for remote connection +desktop |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=121 #roon bridge: turns device into roon capable audio player +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=122 #node-red: tool for wiring devices, apis and online services +nodejs +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=123 #mosquitto : mqtt messaging broker |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=124 #naa daemon: signalyst network audio adaptor (naa) +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=125 #tomcat8: apache tomcat server +oraclejava |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=126 #libssl1.0.0: backwards compatibility (stretch) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=127 #neovim: heavily refactored vim fork |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=128 #mpd: music player daemon +alsa
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=129 #o!mpd: feature-rich, web interface audio player for mpd +alsa +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=130 #python pip: python pip package installer |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=131 #blynk server: msg controller for blynk mobile app and sbcs +oraclejava +nodejs +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=132 #aria2: download manager with web interface +webserver +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=133 #yacy: decentralized open source search engine +oraclejava |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=134 #tonido: lightweight cloud based backup system |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=135 #icecast: shoutcast streaming server (+darkice) +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=136 #motioneye: web interface & surveillance for your camera +ffmpeg +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=137 #cloudprint: print server for google cloud print +rsyslog |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=138 #virtualhere: server: share usb devices over the network |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=139 #sabnzbd: nzb download manager +buildessential |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=140 #sdl2: simple direct layer 2 |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=141 #spotify connect web: web interface for spotify premium +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=142 #couchpotato: automatically download movies +buildessential +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=143 #koel: web interface audio streamer +ffmpeg +nodejs +buildessential +webserver +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=144 #sonarr: automatically download tv shows +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=145 #radarr: automatically download movies +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=146 #plexpy: monitoring and tracking tool for plex +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=147 #jackett: api support for your torrent trackers. |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=148 #jriver mc: media centre +alsa +xserver |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=149 #nzbget: nzb download manager |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=150 #mono: runtime libraries and repo |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=151 #nvidia: display driver +xserver disabled for g_hw_model
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=152 #avahi-daemon: hostname broadcast (mac, pc bonjour) |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=153 #octoprint: web interface for controlling 3d printers +buildessential +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=154 #roon server: roon capable audio player and core +alsa +ffmpeg disabled for g_hw_arch |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=155 #htpc manager: manage your htpc from anywhere +git |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=156 #steam: client +alsa +xserver +desktop disabled for g_hw_model |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=157 #home assistant: open-source home automation platform +ffmpeg +buildessential +git +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=158 #minio: s3 compatible distributed object server |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=159 #allo: web interface +alsa +webserver +mysql
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=160 #allo_update: quick reinstall/update web only |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=161 #fuguhub: lightweight webdav cloud (eg: dropbox) with a cms |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=162 #docker: build, ship, and run distributed applications |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=163 #gmediarender: dlna audio render/endpoint +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=164 #nukkit: a nuclear-powered server for minecraft pocket edition +oraclejava |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=165 #gitea: git with a cup of tea +git +mysql |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=166 #pi-spc: audiophonics pi-spc power control module |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=167 #raspotify: spotify connect client +alsa |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=168 #moode: audiophile-quality music playback +alsa +buildessential +git +webserver +sqlite |
AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID=169 #google aiy: voice kit +alsa +git |
If you find our project or support useful, then we’d really appreciate it if you’d consider contributing to the project however you can.
Donating is the easiest – you can use PayPal and Bitcoin.