Patch notes and changes for each DietPi release.
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DietPi v159

10 December 2017
DietPi v159
DietPi v159

Image Modifications:

VMWare | Updated to Debian Stretch: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1219

VirtualBox | Updated to Debian Stretch, many thanks @MichaIng: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1219

RPi | Updated to Debian Stretch: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/475

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | Odroid XU3/4 images updated: Includes kernel support for EMMC 5.1 (thanks Meveric):

General | DietPi RPi kernel: Updated to 4.9.62.

General | DietPi RPi kernel: Will no longer re-install, if the current version is already at latest.

General | Added fahrenheit readouts for cpu_info and dietpi-config. For those "over the pond" :D :
http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f ... 9772#p9772

General | Sparky SBC: Kernel update to add support for USB 1.1 DACs, thanks @sudeep. This must be enabled manually,
if using a USB 1.1 DAC, as this breaks Allo WiFi dongle. Edit "/DietPi/uEnv.txt" and change the value "aotg.aotg1_speed=1"
(from "0"), then reboot.

General | We now define a default LD_LIBRARY_PATH for all systems, exported from /etc/bash.bashrc:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -350380744

DietPi-Services | Run "dietpi-services help" to see a full list of updated commands: Added support for "enable" and "disable".
"disable" will stop and disable the service and prevent it from running, "enable" will enable and start the service. EG: "dietpi-services
disable cron", will prevent Cron from starting. Added support for start/stop/restart a single service (eg: dietpi-services stop apache2).
This is basically a symlink to systemD: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1114

DietPi-Config | WiFi: Now uses the wpa_supplicant.conf method to setup WiFi connections. WEP is no longer supported by DietPi in
this mode. WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and OPEN hosts supported: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1262

DietPi-Backup | "Full Backup" Mode is now the default for fresh DietPi installations. This is mainly due to MySQL data now being
in the DietPi userdata directory.

DietPi-Config | Tools > Benchmarks: Added ability to benchmark CPU performance based on bash + integer:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -346881878

DietPi-Config | Time sync modes: NTP is now uninstalled when SystemD timedatectl is enabled. Reinstalled on demand.
Timedatectl pool servers are now also set: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -343762480

DietPi-Software | First run setup, now logged to /etc/dietpi/logs/dietpi-firstrun-setup.log.

DietPi-Software | APT log: Moved to /etc/dietpi/logs/dietpi-software_apt.log, to prevent RAMlog clearing log during automated installations.

DietPi-Software | MPD (Stretch): Install updated to 0.20.11. Also supports native DSD playback (thanks to @sudeep and PJotr), when
"Native" output freq/bit is set: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1236

DietPi-Software | moOde: MPD now installed via pre-built binaries. Will reduce install time:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -345265290

DietPi-Software | Nextcloud: Correct database access issue for MariaDB + minor fixes: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/1242

DietPi-Software | ownCloud: Installation fixed, respecting different distro repos: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/1243

DietPi-Software | MPD (inc YMPD/O!MPD): Default data directory is now "/mnt", this will include all USB drives and network locations:

DietPi-Software | Mopidy: Default data directory is now "/mnt", this will include all USB drives and network locations.

DietPi-Software | Syncthing: Installation updated to version 0.14.40, for new installations only. Removal of inotify
(now included in main syncthing): https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1260

DietPi-Software | Node-Red: Symlink created during install from ~/.node-red to DietPi user data dir:

DietPi-Software | YMPD: Fixed Stretch installation + Now available for all CPU archs + Upgraded to SystemD service:

DietPi-Software | Gitea: Install updated to 1.3.1 (for new installations only). Added support for ARMv8. Now installed to
/mnt/dietpi_userdata/gitea, runs as dietpi user: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/686
http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f ... 9863#p9863

Bug Fixes:

DietPi-Automation | Resolved an issue where SSH server choice, was not installing selected choice:

DietPi-Config | Nvidia driver: nouveau now disabled by default on x86_64, fix for 750Ti and possibily other Nvidia chipsets
(thanks dubyazero): https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1244

DietPi-Config | RPi Stretch: Resolved an issue with onboard Wifi failing to scan: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1262

DietPi-Config | RAM Benchmark: Resolved an issue where devices without /tmp mounted to tmpfs would fail the test.
We now check for this mount, prior to allowing the test to run: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -350114298

DietPi-Software | Pi-Hole: Resolved various issues with this installation. DietPi will now also detect a failed Pi-Hole script exit and flag as
not installed. : https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -350490524

DietPi-Software | Redis: Minor un/installation/activation fixes of PHP module (Thanks to @MichaIng) :

DietPi-Software | moOde: Resolved an issue where dietpi-drive_manager mounted drives, would not be available in the libary:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -346708298

DietPi-Software | PHP: Solve 'upload_tmp_dir' issue, if PHP service uses 'PrivateTmp': https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1144

DietPi-Software | Syncthing: Resolved a permissions issue with self program updates: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1260

DietPi-Software | Home Assistant: Resolved an issue with ARMv8 installation, where Python build would fail due to lack of build-essential:

DietPi-Software | MPD: Corrected various uninstallation issues.

DietPi-Software | APT Removal: Resolved an issue in Stretch, where held packages were not being removed:

DietPi-Software | FFMPEG: Resolved inability to install on XU4 Jessie: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1273

DietPi-Software | Chromium (RPi Stretch): Resolved installation + desktop icon symlink:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -350111359

DietPi-Software | Resolved an issue where dietpi permissions were not being set correctly, for symlinked userdata dir.

DietPi-Update | Resolved an issue where .update_available file would still exist in no network situations:

Patch_File | Auto swapfile generation no longer run twice (mostly for pre v150 images): https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1257

Allo Web Interface v4:

MPD: Native DSD playback support, when "Native" output freq/bit is set in MPD settings page:

MPD: Default data directory is now "/mnt", this will include all USB drives and network locations.

SQUEEZELITE: Added ability to set native DSD output modes. Please note, success of selected output mode is limited to DAC and kernel
capabilities. We have verified Combo 384 with u32le output mode on Sparky SBC + USB Bridge:
https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -348241209

O!MPD: Updated to 1.03. Please make sure to update your library (Settings > Update), to rescan the new "/mnt" location which includes
all networked and USB drives. Depending on your additional storage setup, the rescan may take 5-30 minutes.

RPi Image: Has been updated to Debian Stretch. This offers peformance improvements in the web interface, and newer ALSA libs.
Previous installations are still supported. To upgrade, please write the new image. Upgrading to Stretch is not a requirement:
http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f ... 8869#p8869

Sparky SBC: We have remove the WiFi Hotspot installation by default, this is to avoid majority users having to remove this software title,
before WiFi can be configured via terminal access. To reinstall this software, please connect the WiFi dongle, then run
"dietpi-software install 60" via terminal.

- Donations / Support DietPi: | DietPi is a free product and relies solely on your donations for funding.
If you found DietPi useful and want to support future development, please click here to find out more.

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