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Post by johnvick »

I believe this would be a good addition to DietPi - it sits in the background and watches for programs crashing and restarts them. There are easy to find examples of config files for emby-server, sickrage and other popular programs. It is easy to set up manually but possibly DietPi could detect what services you have running and automatically setup the required config files. It has a web interface so you can see what's happening.

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Re: Monit

Post by didi »

Monit is wonderful. I've just installed it and it's very helpful with Nextcloud, for me.
Could you add it??
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Re: Monit

Post by WarHawk »

Very cool!

You should follow the title scheme so the developers can see it Req: Monit

Also...put a link in the description so others can see it

Very neat little program!

Definitely second and third this request!

did it myself (more or less stock config..need to go thru and make sure all the other services are added)...seems to be running perfect..just waiting to build some data up
getting the pages and everything
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Re: Monit

Post by baz123 »


Although it can only monitor daemons started by init as the systemd daemons have their own failover mechanism. It is still useful for checking files are written regularly for instance, internet connectivity etc.
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Re: Monit

Post by DrewG »

I would also like to see Monit as an option to install. It's a great little program running in the background. I've used it with RPi's an it's really simple to use once it's up an running.

Would be a great addition to the DietPi's OS
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