Patch notes and changes for each DietPi release.
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Important DietPi Changes:
All DietPi images have been updated to v102 and are required to run the latest version of DietPi. Previous images will no longer update, and are no longer supported.
Passwords | All passwords throughout DietPi are now dietpi (previously raspberry). This includes everything with a password (eg: dietpi-software installations).
DietPi for Odroid C1/XU4 has changed to Debian Jessie | The DietPi images are now based on the excellent Debian Jessie images by Meveric http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 70#p114970. Why Debian? First, its more streamline and lightweight when compared to Ubuntu. Second, it reduces my coding workload from 3 distros to 2, as Ubuntu has different packages/filepaths/requirments that required additional coding and testing.

New Features:
DietPi-Launcher | Menu system that allows you to run any of the DietPi programs, all from one place.
DietPi-Cron | Menu system that allows you to change the cron start times: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issue ... -161051801

Software Additions:
DietPi-Software (Odroids C1/XU4) | Kodi is now available for Odroid C1 and XU4.
DietPi-Software (Odroids C1/XU4) | DietPi optimized LXDE desktop is now available. Vastly improved C1 (no longer uses FBturbo driver).
DietPi-Software (Odroids C1/XU4, OPi) | DietPi optimized Weaved installation is now available.
DietPi-Software (Odroids C1/XU4) | DietPi optimized MiniDLNA installation option is now available.

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:
General | Support for Raspberry PiZero (honestly?, i didnt have to change a thing :) )
General | Removed one of the reboots during first run filesystem expansion. This will speed up the inital setup of your system. Available for all DietPi images v101 or higher.
DietPi-Software | PHP now sets upload_max_filesize and php_max_post_size to 2GB. This will increase the max filesize limit with php uploads (eg: Owncloud). Previously 20~MB.
DietPi-Software | PHP now sets upload_tmp_dir to /var/tmp/php_upload_tmp. This was previously stored on /tmp as ramdisk, which limited php uploads (eg: Owncloud) to half your total RAM, causing possible failed uploads.
DietPi-Software (Jessie) | PHP will also install and optimize APCu along side Opcache (APCu is data store, OPcache is opcode cache). This should vastly improve webserver performance.
DietPi-Software | HAproxy will now install v1.6.2.
DietPi-Software | Deluge-web no longer requires a service restart by the user during 1st run.
DietPi-Software | Enabled Deluged logging with level warning to /var/log/deluged.log and /var/log/deluge-web.log
DietPi-Config > Advanced > Time sync (ntpd) | New options. Allows you to change the update frequency of NTPD time syncs. eg: Daily/Hourly/disabled etc.
DietPi-Config > Performance > Overclocking | Tweaked the RPi 1/2 overclocking settings to improve stability. These are settings I personally use across all my RPi devices during testing, and, should be stable for all.
DietPi-Config > Advanced > Swapfile size | When the user changes the swapfile size, the new swapfile and its size will now be generated at the same time. Previously this was completed during boot.
DietPi-Config > Advanced > Swapfile size | Can now also be disabled.
DietPi-Config (OPi) | You can now update the Kernel and Firmware for your OrangePi. This will run Loboris kernel update script: https://github.com/loboris/OrangePi-Bui ... _kernel.sh
General | /etc/apt/sources.list is now unified across all DietPi Jessie images (excluding Raspbian), using the global Debian mirror: http://ftp.debian.org/debian
General | All firmware and kernel have been updated to latest.

Bug fixes:
DietPi-Update | Some users were experiencing wget failures due to SSL/cert issue on GitHub, or local network setup. This was causing the 1st run update and installation to fail. The script has been updated to use curl which does not fail. https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/125
Kernel Modules (OPi) | Resolved issues with invisible modules by updating the kernel / firmware to latest (provided by Loboris). https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/115
General (Jessie) | Resolved an issue where SystemD would throw warnings on /dev/tty1 regarding duplicate fstab entries. USB mounts are now disabled by default in fstab on new images. DietPi will enable one of the mounts as required during "1st run USB drive" setup.
DietPi-Software (Odroid C1) | Resolved an issue with Kodi launching as black screen.
DietPi-Software | Resolved an issue with DietPi-Cam not starting during boot. Many thanks to Rich T for his assistance with debugging: http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=218#p842
DietPi-Ramlog | Fix for mongodb log files, thanks to Olmo: https://twitter.com/otmezger/status/670004115561299968