Adding 2nd HDD (external & powered) to pi3/NextCloud

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Adding 2nd HDD (external & powered) to pi3/NextCloud

Post by b00tay »

So, I installed DietPi on my RasPi3 about two weeks ago along with the 314gb pidrive I have. It's been running for two weeks now beautifully. No hiccups during install and has surpassed all expectations.

I recently swapped my laptop's 1tb HDD for a SSD model and now want to add said 1tb drive to my RasPi3/DietPi/NextCloud server; bringing the total capacity to around 1.3tb. I want to be sure that when I mount the drive, the addition 1tb will be available to use through NextCloud or are their additional steps?

I just want to make sure I set this up right the first time. Any/all help is much appreciated.

I also just wanted to say that imho, DietPi, is the best OS for the RasPi.. by a long shot. Kudos to the dev(s) for their amazing work!!
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Re: Adding 2nd HDD (external & powered) to pi3/NextCloud

Post by johnvick »

This article outlines how to do it: ... ud-server/
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Re: Adding 2nd HDD (external & powered) to pi3/NextCloud

Post by WarHawk »

I did the same thing...1TB external powered drive

The ability to mount and move all user files (the nextcloud and swap and all non-sdcard files moved to the harddrive)

dietpi-launcher ... 1064#p1061

Go to the Dietpi-Drive_Manager, then set it to mount and move the will automatically copy everything over seamlessly, no change or manual config will be needed
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