A bug in CloudPrinter

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A bug in CloudPrinter

Post by Carnot »

I have a Canon MG3600 series printer connected to local network by wifi.

And also, I have an Orangepi zero and a Raspi 3b which all burned with dietpi firmware.

I install CloudPrinter by dietpi-software in Orangepi zero, and install Cups by apt-get in Raspi 3B.

It is strange that Orangepi cann't find Canon printer, but Raspi 3B can.
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How can I fix it in Orangepi?
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Re: A bug in CloudPrinter

Post by lucasmenno »

I gonna try my luck here :D

On the Cups settings page [url]https://<your-dietpi-ip>:631/admin[/url] login with root/dietpi or your own set user/password.
Look unter Administration, the right table, check the box "SHow shared printer from other systems".
(My system language is different, no guaranty for the right text :lol: )

I try to reproduce the behavior of your case. No luck till now, the checkbox always goes empty.
Everything i say can and maybe will be corrected by the DietPi seniors in this forum :D
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