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Post by Juergen »

Hello community!

This is my first post here :D

At first, thanks for great work.

I like the caddyserver. Cool features and simple config. I use caddy as reverse proxy for my docker applications.


sudo curl | bash -s http.cache,http.expires,http.filter,http.ipfilter,http.minify,http.ratelimit,http.git

Parameter '-s' ... selection of plugins


Install caddy with php-fpm. webroot with index.php ... phpinfo() ... 'Caddyfile' with frequently used use cases (e.g. reverse proxy, load balancing, directory protection, automatic update from git repo, ...)

Any chance for caddyserver in the near future? -->> bashscript for installation; check OS, download and install (look comment in head)

Regards from Berlin
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Re: caddyserver

Post by WarHawk »

Cool...that would be pretty awesome
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Re: caddyserver

Post by gieljnssns »

any updates on this?
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Re: caddyserver

Post by MichaIng »

Here the GitHub request:
And here the FeatHub link to give it a vote:
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