orangepi zero plus 2 and csi camera Topic is solved

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orangepi zero plus 2 and csi camera

Post by msergeym »

Doesn`t work csi camera on gc2035 . Help me ...
Dietpi v154.
After :
<sudo modprobe gc2035
sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2
ls /dev >
No video0.
[CSI_ERR][GC2035]sensor_read err at sensor_detect!
[CSI_ERR][GC2035]chip found is not an target chip.
On Armbian 5.30 doesn`t work too .
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Re: orangepi zero plus 2 and csi camera

Post by lucasmenno »

Not the best answer to give, but please read through this post ... h-armbian/

I'm not in the state of mind to translate all of this so simple help right now, sry :cry:
Everything i say can and maybe will be corrected by the DietPi seniors in this forum :D
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