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Auto HotSpot Feature

Post by scottfrey »

I am building a portable server and am hand coding a solution, most of which I could do easier with DietPi

One thing the portable server needs to do is join a network (if available) to update it's contents, else generate a hotspot on its own for access from other devices.

Following these instructions: ... o-internet
I have succeeded in getting this to work with a Jessie Lite build (on a new Zero W)
I have tried to add this AutoHotSpot functionality to a DietPi build and it almost works, but seems to be unable to join my network, only generate a hotspot (which is correct behavior when it fails to join, but not actually helpful)

The failure seems to occur right after the wlan0 is initialized;
after the line in the boot-stream:
"[OK] wificountrycode US | Completed" (I also tried the default country code of GB)
I get a series of;
"Waiting for valid connection before continuing boot" | Mode=1"
before it finally continues on and build the hotspot.

I suspect since the stock build of DietPi does not have/use wpa_supplicant and/or that something is missing that prevents it from using wpa_supplicant

I don't know enough to dig out what is actually happening here, but...

A "package" for DietPi that would automatically generate a hotspot (with or without bridging to another port) if no valid network connections are found would be a fantastic additional feature (paired with this, one would need to add the Avahi-daemon for autodiscovery at hostname.local, but that works fine manually with apt-get)

Thanks for considering this and thanks for making DietPi!
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