poor Squeezelite sound on Odroid C2

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poor Squeezelite sound on Odroid C2

Post by fbachofner »

I've been thinking of presenting a cool "magic show" for my older friends and neighbors: "playing" an invisible, ghostly record on my old turntable.

Here's the gimmick: Squeezelite running on DietPi plays with pops, skips, warbles and virtually everything else an old analog record used to -- worse, even! [ It would be a cool magic illusion, but listening to perfectly ripped music is not actually fun at length. ]

On the other hand, playing the same files (whether FLAC, OGG or other types) in something like VLC sounds "perfect" . . .

My setup:
  1. oDroid C2 with HiFi Shield+ -- outputting to RCA jacks (at the moment)
  2. DietPi V148
  3. Squeezelite v1.8.5-823
  4. Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1491548882 on a different machine [no apparent bottlenecks: high-powered server, hardwired network; other (real) Squeezeboxes sound fine]
  5. This configuration often tends to play up to about the first 5 minutes reasonably well, then it starts sounding horrible -- pretty much without exception. Pausing playback helps for a moment. Restarting Squeezelite or the whole system works for a couple moments longer.
  6. Nothing appears within /var/log/squeezelite.log (0 bytes)
So, a few questions:
  • How can one best go about updating Squeezelite within DietPi? (DietPi-distributed Squeezelite is at v 1.8.5 Meanwhile, https://github.com/ralph-irving/squeeze ... master.zip is at 1.8.6) I prefer troubleshooting with the most recent version if possible.
  • I installed Squeezelite using DietPi's installer. Is it maybe better to install manually to get latest version?
  • Where the heck does DietPi keep the Squeezelite config files? [The only thing I can find is the log file . . .
  • Program file(s) seem to be at /usr/bin:
    I am hesitant to exchange these with newer ones given I can not find configuration files.
  • How does one change the name of the Squeezelite player? squeezelite -n does not persist, and I doubt squeezelite -N will remember where I've stored a file (given that there seem to be no config files anywhere)
Thanks in advance for any insights!

Re: poor Squeezelite sound on Odroid C2

Post by fbachofner »

Answering a couple of my own questions!

3 + 6. The config file is at: /etc/systemd/system/squeezelite.service

[ I'm not sure why a search for files containing "squeezelite" on my own DietPi system did not let me find this! I found this information at http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f ... 1009#p1009 ]

The aforementioned file is where the player name and ALSA params can be set persistently.

Separately, (new DietPi user here! ;-) I just found out about dietpi-process_tool

I used this to set "Nice" and Schedule Policy / Priority for Squeezelite (aka "Squeezebox Lite"). On the off chance the processor was somehow not giving enough attention to Squeezelite I set nice to -18 and policy to FIFO and priority to 95. This gave just about all computing resources to Squeezelite. Music played nicely for a few minutes longer than before. [ Not sure this is related to the settings change. ]

I am setting "Nice" and Schedule Policy / Priority back to defaults and will play with ALSA params and report back.
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Re: poor Squeezelite sound on Odroid C2

Post by dinendal »


I'm face to the same matter and have also a theory on the root cause (see my topi : http://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2182 )

have you solve the problem ?
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