unnecessary cpu usage due to agetty

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unnecessary cpu usage due to agetty

Post by lunaticstraydog »

Whenever I boot up my raspberry (whether on console or directly to desktop) I have a constant 25 % cpu usage that has no reason to be there. I checked it up and it seems to be down to an agetty command runnning in the backgroung and using an entire core (of the four) by itself, which means both overheat and system slowing down.
The command itself is, as far as I can tell, related to login or something...
Nothing vital and should not be there, so I have to kill it manually and I didn't find any workaround so far...
Some idea?
(using ssh at the moment of the screenshot, but the same goes when HDMI)
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Re: unnecessary cpu usage due to agetty

Post by Fourdee »


Thanks for the report.

Not something i've seen in recent testing. Which RPi is this?
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