My Web server blew up... Topic is solved

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My Web server blew up...

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Over the past two months I've been enjoying DietPi. I have a production server and a development server. The production server which has lighttpd, nextcloud, FailtoBan, PiHole, PhpSysInfo and a few other Applications. Yesterday everything web facing seemed to silently fail. All of the webpages accessed through Localhost or the Internet come up as "Unable to connect". After rebooting all the services show they are running without Error.

I've checked the router port forwarding and uninstalled FailtoBan. I've checked lighttpd and nextcloud log files for errors. Thus far nothing gives me a hint of what is wrong. I've tried reinstalling PhpSysInfo. Nothing seems to work. About the only thing I can do is SSH, Could someone point me in the right direction?
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