Thanks guys!

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Thanks guys!

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I just want to express my gratitude to Daniel, MichaIng, K-Plan and other contributors for creating and making available this great and helpful distro for Raspberry Pi -- DIETPI ! After having wrestled with Raspbian for almost two years, having suffered three SD corruptions and being forced to two full reinstallations, both costing me hours to reinvent the wheel and rediscovering all the nifty options over and over again like logrotate, backup scripts, etc (despite my notes) DIETPI just saves me a looooooot of time ! Having the ramdisk out-of-the-box, backup and restore options, easy install and deinstall of sofrware, a lean installation speeding up my Raspbian and, most important, a positive, friendly and willing group of contributors (!!) I really wished I would have discovered your work sooner.

A big THANK YOU, guys! I will donate in due time, and will try my best to contribute in other ways too. Keep up the good work !

8) Best distro for Raspberry Pi!
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