is there a alternative to pulseaudio sink

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is there a alternative to pulseaudio sink

Post by elevader » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:24 pm

I finished yesterday with a raspbian pulseaudio sound sink installation when i learned about dietpy and it looks very neat and promising.

What i have so far.
- rpi3 connected to the PA and functions as Sound Server
- i can connect any PC as Client via pulse tunnel to the rpi and and use the rpi DAC (Allo Boss v1.2 is in the mail) to listen to the Clients sound

I looked into different Jack setups, Jacktrip, Netjack, etc felt kinda overkill.
Is there a better way?

Working on: Not having to manually enter new Client IP addresses to create tunnels would be great though it's not that many.

Edit: cleared up some of my Questions, a good resource to lookup ... o/Examples
Running Pulseaudio and Jack together is also listed here, need to wrap my Head around it and understand how to utilize this for lower latency.

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