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This thread is deprecated. Please refer to our new documentation page: ... ve-manager

DietPi-Drive Manager is a lightweight program that allows you to:
  • Mount, format, external drives
  • Set read only filesystems
  • Move DietPi User data
  • Transfer RootFS to external drive (RPi/Odroid only)
How do i run the program?

How do i setup a dedicated drive for DietPi and user data?
What is DietPi user data?
  • Run dietpi-drive_manager to bring up the main menu.
  • Plug in the drive you wish to use.
  • Select Refresh from the menu (if it doesn't show up straight away, give it a few seconds for system to update, then try again).
  • Select the drive you wish to use from the list, then press enter.
  • If the drive is not formatted, select Format from the menu. The default options are recommended, however, you can change the format filesystem type and partition table type, if desired.
  • Ensure the drive is mounted, select the Mount option if needed.
  • Finally, select Move Userdata from the menu. When prompted, say Yes to begin the move. Your user data will now be located on this drive.

Format filesystem types:
EXT4 (Default)
Recommended for users who plan to use this drive solely on the DietPi system (eg: dedicated drive).
  • + The standard for Linux file systems
  • Not compatible on a Windows system
Recommended for users who plan to use this drive on a Windows system.
  • + Compatible on a Windows system
  • High CPU usage during transfers (spawns a process)
Recommended for users who want high compatibility across multiples OS'es.
  • + Highly compatible with all OS.
  • 4GB file size limit
  • 2TB drive size limit
  • Does not support file/folder permissions
  • Does not support symlinks
Recommended for Mac owners.
  • + Mac OS filesystem
A modern Linux filesystem. F2FS:
Linux filesystem designed for flash/NAND based drives. exFAT:
Windows file system, intended for external drives, e.g. USB flash drives or SDcards
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