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DietPi-Config | Feature rich config tool for your device

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:34 pm
by Fourdee
This thread is deprecated. Please refer to our new documentation page: ... figuration

Built from the ground up, DietPi-Config is a feature rich configuration tool for your device.
A pure tweakers delight, customise your system your way.

NB: Options available are dependent on the device you are using.
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  • Display Settings:
  • Set your screen resolution, or go headless to save additional resources.
  • Control your GPU memory splits.
  • Enable/disable the RPi camera.

    Audio Options:
  • Change soundcards with ease (eg: HiFiBerry / Odroid HiFi shield)

    Performance Options
  • Overclock your system with a vast selection of overclocking profiles for your device.
  • Change the CPU governor and tweak your ARM temperature limits.

    Advanced Settings:
  • Configure Swapfile size
  • Update device firmware
  • Toggle serial console
  • Toggle bluetooth

    Security Options:
  • Change password and hostname.

    Regional / Language Options:
  • Set timezone, locale and keyboard options. Everything you'll need to make it feel like home.

    Networking Options: Adapters
  • Scan and connect to your Wifi router with ease.
  • Change to a static IP address on your network.
  • Configure your proxy settings
  • Test internet connection
  • Toggle IPv6 support

    Networking Options: NAS/Misc
  • Samba client utility allows you to quickly and easily connect to Windows Shares.
  • FTP client utility allows you to quickly and easily connect to FTP servers as a filesystem mount.
  • NoIp client utility. Allows you to quickly and easily setup your website address for your Pi, using a NoIp account.

    AutoBoot Options:
  • Quickly and easily change what software runs after boot. Kodi, Desktop, console and many more.

  • Filesystem and memory benchmarks.
  • CPU/IO/RAM/DISK Stress tests