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DietPi-Software | User Data

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:46 pm
by Fourdee
What is user data?
In DietPi, we class user data as:
  • Data storage for applications. Some examples:
    • Ownclound/NextCloud data store.
    • BitTorrent downloads.
    • SQL data store (v142+)
  • The location where your fileserver choice will point to, if you install one (eg: Samba Server, Proftpd).
  • The location where you can upload and store your media content, for other applications to use (eg: Kodi, Emby, Plex etc).
Where is my user data?
For all software you install in dietpi-software, you can access your user data with /mnt/dietpi_userdata. Regardless of where the data is physically stored, a symlink will automatically be created for you if needed.
To check where the physical location is, you can run the following command readlink -f /mnt/dietpi_userdata

Can I move my user data to another location (eg: USB drive?)
Simply run dietpi-software and enter the User data location menu option:
  • If you need to setup a new external drive, select Drive Manager, to launch DietPi-Drive Manager
  • Use the List option to select from a list of mounted drives, or, select Manual for a custom location.
DietPi will automatically move your existing user data to your new location.