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DietPi Survey Information

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:04 pm
by Fourdee

DietPi Survey Information:

What is DietPi Survey?
DietPi Survey allows the DietPi project to obtain general information regarding your system and installed software.
- No private data is sent. No-one can identify you. No IP address is obtained.
- This data allows the DietPi project team, to focus and improve areas based on popularity. Ensuring the most common devices and software titles will receive the most support and improvements.
- By opting out, you are potentially preventing DietPi, from achieving the best future possible experience for everyone.

How often does DietPi Survey data get sent?
The DietPi Survey data file is sent when you install software with dietpi-software, and, update DietPi.

How big is the data upload?
The data we upload is tiny and wont effect your internet bandwidth or system performance.

What Data is sent?
Here is a exact copy of the data we receive. The file is written in bash code to allow us faster report page creation for

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((aDEVICE_NAME[RPi 2 Model B (armv7l)]++))
# -------------------------
# DietPi-Software Installed
# -------------------------
How do I Opt-Out?
By staying Opted in, you are supporting the DietPi project with no impact to your system or private data.
You can opt out of DietPi Survey by running the following command:

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How do I check my current Opted status?
Simply run the program. The current mode will be pre-selected and highlighted.

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